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This doesn’t look good. Poor Sakura has gotten herself into a bit of Trouble in this Teaser for the First Issue.

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Destiny Complete


This is Commission made especially for the most anticipating Video Game to be released this month (September 9th)


Dovah Queen III

This was a piece that was made exclusively for ArcadeCon 2014, celebrating the events of what happened at a charity event at ArcadeCon 2012.

Elements used for this design were taken from Star Wars, Metriod and Iron Man

Kill La Kill – Scissor Sisters

After work on the Previous Commission, I began working on this piece featuring the two main characters Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin.

Kill La Kill is property of Trigger

Kill La Kill - Multiverse?

This was commissioned for Keith Cuttle (from Ani4serz). Based off Kill La Kill, but set in a Different Universe, where Mako is the hero and Ryuko is the Side-Kick.

Kill La Kill is property of Trigger

This is the Thirteenth and Final Mini Banner in the Doctor Who Series. This was a Surprise to anyone who bought all Twelve at #ArcadeCon, now for future Conventions, it will be a Bonus.

War Doctor – John Hurt

Robert Picardo – Out of This World (Arcade Con 2014)

Any one Hyped up for #Arcadecon ?

Its just over a week away and it will be jam packed full of Events and Guest including this man. TV and Movie Actor Robert Picardo, will be one of the Guest at this year’s Arcadecon and to commiserate his visit to Ireland this piece was made and it includes Elements based off Three of his Movies/Shows….

…Can you Name Them?

Treasure Planet - Captain Amelia 

Here is another piece for June. Based of Disney’s Treasure Planet and inspired from the Cosplay of Captain Amelia by Ryoko

You can check out her Cosplays here:

Here is the rest of the Doctors…

Adventure Time – Frost Bite

With Arcadecon Drawing closer, I think it’s about time to show off some of the Work that I have made to honour of the guest that will be attending.

Here is a piece based off the hit TV Show “Adventure Time” created by Arcadecon Guest – Pendleton Ward

Adventure Time and all Characters were created by Pendleton Ward